Password Reset Tool Instructions

We now have a new tool that allows users to reset their own passwords, the only requirement is that we have to have an email address for all users.
Additionally, we have built a tool that will allow User/Credential Administrators to reset password for any users at their site. Below are the necessary steps to setup User/Credential Administrators users.
  1. Log into CardioPulse
  2. Go into Administration > User Administration
  3. Go page 2 - User Group Assignment
  4. Drag desired user from USERS list and drop them onto “User Admin” in the GROUPS list
    1. If the user(s) does not exist, please email the user(s), username(s), and email address(es)
    2. Create the user(s) in CardioPulse using the same credentials
  5. Repeat step 4 for all users you wish to be able to reset passwords
Once that is done, any user in that group will be able to reset password for any user by:
  1. Go to
  2. Login with the same credentials they would use for CardioPulse
  3. Click on the Password Reset icon
    1. pwreset
  4. Find the user in the drop down list
  5. Check any of the desired options
    1. Force Reset On Login
      1. Checking “Force Reset On Login” will force the user to choose a new password once they login with their reset password
    2. Send Reset Notification
      1. This will send an email to the user letting them know the new temporary password
  6. Enter a password that meets the criteria on the right.
  7. If “Send Reset Notification” is checked and we have the user's email address in their AD account, they will receive an email.