• Real time communications to all parties at each patient touch point
  • Operational Improvement Metrics
  • Communication protocols via mobile devices, smart phones, visual display boards, alerts and intuitive dashboards
  • Data is processed in real time and delivered via smart dashboards, intuitive filters and a new technology that we developed called “analyigits” which allows each client within a system to view a window of data unique to their personal needs and requirements.
  • Room utilization reports help to improve efficiency
  • Volume trends aid in the proper allocation of human resources and in most case result in the elimination of overtime hours in the department where deployed
  • All-in-one cloud-based heart center registry management solution, structured reporting tool, and outcomes reporting system
  • Designed to seamlessly integrate into the fabric of hospital and health system infrastructure
  • Utilizes mobile technology, speech recognition, electronic messaging, and touch screen capabilities to increase efficiency and improve patient care
  • Submission to STS Adult Cardiac, Thoracic Surgery, or Congenital Heart Database
  • Submission to ACC ACTION, ICD, or CathPCI
  • Ideal environment for end users to collect and submit their data