In production environments, a common challenge is to handle variation on the fly, yet still deliver quality measures, in a time crunch and at a reasonable cost. With all of this in mind the real problem arises with managing the tradeoff between high resource utilization and high flow efficiency. In today’s healthcare model it is typical for a healthcare facility to operate with limited capacity and a lot of variation. Historic IT support tools are not designed to address and correct these problems. This is where Care Command Center (CCC) comes in.

CCC at its core is a production control system. It is the Kanban of a lean based patient flow operation. Simple tools at the point-of-care keep caregivers on task, allow for intelligent communication protocols, and proactively alleviate bottlenecks and potential problems. CCC amasses critical data as a byproduct. This data is utilized to produce real-time information for command and control at every level of the ecosystem.

CCC creates a performance environment that enables a healthcare facility to run as efficient as existing automotive and aerospace companies. CCC alleviates the challenge of the variation of demand and smooths out flows making them consistent under chaotic and changing circumstances.

Of course, a patient is not a car or a rocket but the true benefit of CCC is its ability to improve the quality of the patients experience as they navigate their course of care through a healthcare system.

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