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About Intelligent Business Solutions

About Us

Incorporated in 1989, Intelligent Business Solutions, Inc. (IBS) began as a highly innovative, custom software development company. This ‘code for hire’ approach allowed IBS to engage with many industries, expanding our knowledge base and honing our problem solving skills. Products and services coming out of the company were, in many cases, industry agnostic
and thus code re-use was integrated into our core philosophy.

By 1994 IBS had attracted a number of healthcare clients and began applying our knowledge and innovative techniques towards creating a comprehensive suite of tools designed for healthcare clients. The focus of this healthcare suite was to allow our healthcare clients to achieve their highest level of success in patient care while creating a practical business application to enhance revenue generation and retention.

In 2015 IBS acquired Medical Dynamics, a competing Cardiology reporting firm. After successfully integrating 80+ clients and migrating those clients to the Intelligent Business Solutions product suite, IBS focused sights on new business verticals.

In 2018 IBS began exploring opportunities in the trucking and logistics businesses. Recognizing the large number of similarities between healthcare and logistics, IBS capitalizes on the modular structure of the Care Command Center product creating a ‘persona’ capability that allows the product to use different nomenclatures with the simple setting of a global
switch within the software.

Today IBS remains a highly innovative software development company focused on healthcare and logistics. While these business verticals are the base of our current business model, we continue to explore other business opportunities as they present themselves.

Much of IBS’ success stems from our commitment to our customer base. We know our customers are the reason we continue our successful tenure in the highly competitive software development arena. Our core principles are built around the customer and we are focused on our customer’s success and satisfaction.

Our Promise

Business and technology are driven by change. It is our promise to our customers that we will strive to stay ahead of the
curve with respect to the ever changing dynamics of business verticals so our customers can sustain an advantage in the
marketplace and professionally.

Service Excellence

Our clients are the cornerstone of our business principles. Every staff member at IBS is respectful of this knowledge. It is our goal to provide a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. If we can provide an advantage to our clients through dedication, superior service and diligent follow through than we have succeeded in creating a partnership driven by mutual respect and success.

Today, IBS parents five software systems used in multiple business verticals. These include:

1 – CardioPulse – The CardioPulse software suite embraces a “Collect it Once” philosophy allowing our clients to efficiently support physician reporting for Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology while simultaneously supporting the national quality initiatives for the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) and the American College of Cardiology (ACC). Our unique software protocol for data collection offers our clients a streamlined and efficient means to tackle the traditional heavy lifting of data reporting and quality mandates. CardioPulse not only addresses the need to collect and report to the aforementioned national registries, the product supports 13 state registries as well.

2 – Care Command Center (CCC) is an operational process management technology designed to address the disruptive flow of operations at the ground level. By creating ergonomic flows to support functions, teams across the client footprint, CCC seeks to eliminate waste, promote system wide communications and to improve team and user morale. The benefits of
this technology include improved quality, efficiency, effectiveness, communication, workforce engagement, and customer visibility, while increasing revenue generation and retention with the elimination of waste. Additionally, increased throughput is achieved without additional personnel.

3 – Control Center provides a valuable add on to the Care Command Center product. IBS control center capabilities allow clients to manage multiple departments, sites, conglomerates, and geographical areas as one entity or as multiple entities rolling up to higher levels as defined in a hierarchal model. Data collected through Care Command Center can be analyzed at operational levels or rolled up and managed at various hierarchal levels. Using our Control Center enables clients to manage work across a broad base, adjusting operations at the level that provides the most benefit with the least disruption.

4 – Janus is IBS’ integration engine. This product enables CCC and CardioPulse to connect and communicate with existing client and vendor systems to further enhance CCC and CardioPulse capabilities. Interface connections allow further automation of operational processes and improve quality with the reduction of human interactions.

5 – Analytics delivered using data captured by CCC and CardioPulse provide extensive management and reporting capabilities. IBS systems provide real-time analytics, historical reporting and in the moment analysis via IBS unique
‘Analygits’. The robust analysis capabilities delivered using IBS analytic functions, allow clients to adjust in real-time to eliminate process flow impediments while maintaining all historical views to identify positive and negative trends.