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lego bits

How does it work?

In the past people solved problems by building the biggest, most comprehensive and complex software packages and selling these with a huge team of folk to configure the package. It never quite delivered the benefits, was too complicated for the client team to understand and any work to reconfigure to make it work was costly and took ages. The vendor then charged a fortune to maintain this oversize product and the massive compute power required to support it. Think 90’s ERP.
Apple then arrived with apps- simple, intuitive and something everyone can understand. Google similarly came with frameworks and tools where you could bolt pre- built components together and deliver really powerful functionality.
It changed the market, as this Lego approach enabled organisations to build cool tech quickly, but using only the Lego bits they need and swapping out the Lego bits when a better Lego bit comes along.
How do we put the bits together to build a funky mini version of a hospital?
So- here is the picture on the top of the Lego box- notice how there are lots of pictures, as with Lego, you can build lots of stuff with the same blocks.
Here is the big picture of how the blocks come together (architecture picture with the big things- analytics engine, visualisation engine etc. Note, you can swap out bits of these when a better bit comes along (example).
The funky thing is how we work with you in the individual bits- this is the process we use to decide on the right bit, with the right colour and the right knobbly bits. It’s our config approach and it allows us to tune each bit to each area of functionality with you. You get to learn about your bit, how it plugs into other bits and how you can tune it to solve your problems, or swap it to another bit.
Importantly this bit plugs into other bits which builds the functionality- but only if those other bits add value.
We then do the next Lego bit and build it together as we go. We know the likely shape of the final model, but we also know it will change. Why will it change? Because your needs will change and because analytics and this area of technology is changing very rapidly. Not a problem if it’s a little Lego block and you can upgrade it- huge problem if it’s a big old school platform where you have to change huge bits of it and get the army back in to wire it all together again.
One model empowers you, one locks you in.
Who wants to play with the lego and build the thing they want to build? Who wants to have one toy they get bored with but have to keep paying for even when the wheel has fallen off?!
We could even use a form approach and a box of Lego- let’s have a play and see if we can change the game.