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Health Care Productivity Solution

CardioPulse effectively coordinates data flow across your Cardiology and Cardiothoracic departments. Physician procedural reports, intelligent interfacing, ACC and STS quality initiatives, workflow optimization, ad hoc reports and a robust analytics dashboard make the CardioPulse solution a strategic purchase for your heart center.


Physician Procedural Reports

By addressing specific data points, your cardiothoracic surgeons and cardiologists will swiftly generate procedural reports that adhere to JACHO standards. These data points support the ACC and STS quality initiatives. All electronically signed reports are immediately sent to the hospital EMR to meet 24 hour reporting protocols.


Sharing Data

We offer our clients a “collect it once” methodology. Using our JANUS Interface engine CardioPulse accepts; ADT messages, lab data, hemodynamic data and discreet data fields from the hospital electronic medical record (EMR). In addition, Janus sends data back to the EMR. JANUS has working interfaces with EPIC, McKesson, GE, Cerner, Phillips and many others.

Quality-Registry Support


Cath PCI                          Adult Cardiac New Jersey Cath PCI
  ICD General Thoracic                New Jersey Cardiac Surgery
Atrial Fib Congenital Heart    New York Cath
ACTION   New York Cardiac Surgery
Massachusetts MAS DAC
California CORP

Operational Workflow Optimization

Designed to tackle the problems inherently associated with Cath Lab Management our operational flow package targets performance improvement in three key areas:

  1. Flow
  2. Staffing
  3. Quality

Using high performance flow tools, smart boards, interfaces, and predictive dashboards our flow tool will reenergize your Cath Lab to perform at its highest level of efficiency.

Reporting and Smart Dashboards

A full library of pre-built reports and Executive Summary reports are available for our clients to use. In addition, you can easily create ad hoc reports using graphs and charting for better presentations. All reports are available for automated distribution. Customizable dashboards allow our clients to have vital data at their fingertips.

Benefits of a Productivity Solution

Collaboration, accountability, streamlined deployment and continual training are key elements to sustain a successful heart program.

•    A state of efficiency promotes teamwork.

•    Teamwork is a key driver of improved patient outcomes.

•    A unified quality program for STS and ACC promotes financial incentives and minimizes FTE hours.

•    A “Collect if Once” philosophy applied across a heart center improves productivity up to 20%.

•    A fully deployed productivity solution provides a pathway to continual improvement and sustainability for your heart program.