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Care Command Center® (CCC-Healthcare)

CCC consists of a series of products that allows a healthcare provider to implement an operations management platform in blocks connecting all the pieces over time and ultimately layering on a control center across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

The Objective

  • Increase patient satisfaction by providing an extraordinary patient experience
  • Increase family satisfaction by automating timely patient status updates
  • Lower costs and improve quality by unifying disparate patient flow processes
  • Boost efficiency by centralizing communication and coordination
  • Optimize performance by linking room and staff utilization with demand for services
  • Achieve continual process improvement with actionable analytics
  • Increase profitability by eliminating disruption and waste
  • Increase staff satisfaction by eliminated wasteful non-patient tasks

The Solution

The Care Command Center is a highly adaptable suite of visual and communication tools that boosts efficiency, resource utilization and cost containment by replacing wasteful and disruptive processes with harmonious and responsive patient flow.  Deployed departmentally or enterprise-wide, CCC integrates with existing registration, scheduling and clinical systems to streamline workflows and increase  productivity.  Additionally, CCC’s open design and superior scalability promote adoption in any department, or across the entire enterprise as a unified patient flow solution.  Most importantly, CCC is designed to promote rapid implementation and adoption ensuring quick realization of benefits and return on investment.

Key Components

Touch-screen boards 

serve as a visual management tool to proactively track and communicate patient location, case progression and staff assignments for each patient that flows through the department. Room changes, cancellations, staff changes, patient add-ons and intra-departmental flows can all be captured using the touch screen monitor. The “touch” feature allows clinicians to quickly and easily enter updates to patient flow status on a centrally located board.  Brief interactions with this board also serve to compile data utilized in the analytics module.

View-only boards

also serve as a visual patient flow and staff management communication tool, but without the ability to enter or alter data. These displays are typically located in control rooms, scheduling offices, nursing stations, locker rooms and other locations where clinicians need to remain current on departmental operations.

Family waiting room boards

provide a HIPAA compliant visual tool for friends and families to monitor the progress of loved ones as they navigate their course of care. Family members experience less stress and anxiety when they remain informed. Phone calls and other requests for updates are greatly reduced, significantly increasing front office and clinical staff efficiency.

Automated texts, emails, instant messaging and alarms

communicate patient flow and staffing updates, as well as breeches in key performance metrics as defined by the customer. These advanced communication tools eliminate the multitude of unnecessary phone calls seeking information on patient status or searching for staff.  They also help staff easily identify and correct situations where patient flow is experiencing unwanted delays or bottlenecks, improving the quality of care and the overall patient experience.

Dashboard Analytics and Reporting

provide administrators and department managers a definitive analysis of operational metrics that drive revenue, cost containment, quality, and overall performance. Making informed decisions and establishing a baseline for improvement is impossible without reliable data. Analytics are the cornerstone for creating an environment for extraordinary health care across the care continuum. CCC delivers immediate feedback on the effectiveness of current processes and resource utilization, and identifies improvement opportunities that lead to better financial performance, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

Enterprise and Clinical Interfacing

creates a streamlined environment for capturing patient information and eliminating duplicate data entry. CCC can leverage scheduling, orders and patient demographic feeds to automate patient management of both scheduled procedures and add-ons.  Connectivity to existing clinical documentation systems allows CCC to automatically update patient information and procedure status based on updates received from the clinical system.

Expected Results

The Care Command Center rapidly improves efficiency and instills confidence and good will that transcends the organization and its patients.  Patients and employees benefit from sharing in in efficient, well-orchestrated processes and effective team synchronization. In addition, referring physicians, families and friends embrace high quality care, operational efficiency and a positive overall healthcare experience, leading to additional revenue streams.

The Care Command Center® will…

*Increase patient satisfaction and quality*

*Contain costs*

*Increase staff efficiency and morale*

*Increase family and staff satisfaction*

*Improve staff allocation and reduce overtime*

*Increase procedural capacity and room utilization*

*Improve communication and coordination between care teams*

*Reduce wait times*

*Reduce errors and increase safety*

*Monitor standards for care*

*Measure and analyze operational performance*

*Create a competitive advantage*

*Reduce inquiries into patient status and location*