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Care Command Center

Care Command Center

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The Care Command Center (CCC) receives key data from the IBS Operational Flow suite helping operational staff members and managers to visualize and coordinate flow through all aspects of the care continuum. Insights that are generated either by the tool itself or at an aggregate level in the Care Command Center generate actions, alerts and triggers within the application to prompt and measure actions.

CCC Delivery

CCC is delivered in a number of ways: visually (on a smart board or any other monitor deployed across the Clients departments), reports (printed or delivered electronically), or in the form of an action. An action is delivered as a textual command to any window within the CCC solutions, blinking on monitors, sounds, emails, text messages, or it can have a real-time modification within the operations management component.


CCC Analytics

Descriptive: Business intelligence and data mining, ask: “What Happened?”

  • Basic Statistics – Counts, Mean, Median and Mode
  • Basic Reporting tools: Tables, spreadsheets and Graphs

Predictive: Statistical models and AI, ask: “What could happen?”

  • Train Test Sets
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive, Classification
  • AI, Rapid Analysis, Relative Insights

Diagnostic: Data exploration, ask: “Why did it happen?”

  • Drill Down Techniques
  • Data Discovery
  • Correlations

Prescriptive: Optimization and simulation, ask: “What should we do?”

  • Simulation
  • Recommendations
  • Discovery and Problem solving

Proposed machine learning algorithms

For machine learning CCC uses a product called Intuality. This is a breakthrough artificial general Intelligence system that predicts near and far future events the way the human brain does. Its underlying science, Intuitive Rationality™, applies behaviour economics to simulate real world human decision making. It simulates cognitive biases to achieve unprecedented prediction performance across disparate, complex applications and ecosystems. It results from 30-years of R&D and successful commercial applications. The machine learning algorithms that are used alongside CCC produce positive results.