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Real-time Productivity Tool

IBS uses extensive clinical expertise to identify and implement significant healthcare efficiencies, embedding and sustaining effective change with active staff buy-in. With our Care Command Center operations management and remote monitoring solutions IBS will help your team achieve peek performance.

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CardioPulse Cardiology integrates patient information from different sources into a centralized web-enabled system so cardiologists can quickly generate a report and distribute it in a single session. This improved workflow lets cardiologists focus on patient care, procedures and exams, and lets your department operate more efficiently and cost effectively.

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Patient Flow

To run a successful business, your focus is not only on growing revenue, but also on operational improvements and cost management. This requires the ability to identify what to change as it is happening and how to change it. But you can’t change what you can’t measure and you can’t effectively measure siloed or historic data.

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Performance Optimization

The Right People in the right rooms for the right procedures, produce the best performance & the greatest value.

-Rapid start up
-Reduced resource requirements
-Proven processes and procedures
-Reporting customized to your specific needs
-Performance & progress measured against established efficiency targets

Customer Testimonials


Bob Hosler, MBA, RDN, SLD

Roper Saint Francis Healthcare

“IBS with it’s clinical expertise and operational management tools has been a critical element in improving our cath lab efficiency (and that’s something every hospital is trying to do)”


Candy Trace

Main Line Health System

“Since our conversion, we have recognized many features that were not possible under our server based structure. They include – seamless upgrades with little (or no) local IS support required, schedule maintenance with little “downtime”, access to CardioPulse anywhere and no dependence to local network services.”


Nikki Arnold

Southern Ohio Medical Center

“Submitting to the ACC through CardioPulse (formerly CAOS) could not be easier. The software is user friendly and I have always received excellent customer support and immediate assistance when needed. We also have an interface between our Hemodynamic system and CardioPulse, which really cuts down on the time I spend entering data.”

Why Partner with Intelligent Business Solutions?

Intelligent Business Solutions provides customers with a real-time productivity solution focused on a 15 point holistic plan for rapid performance improvement.  IBS provides timely,  solutions focused on quality, operational flow, performance optimization and sustainability.  Our solutions focus on patients, caregivers and healthcare administration as we  focus on your operational challenges.

Care Command Center Flow Technology- Patient and resource tracker boards and communications technology package, transport and EVS mobile apps and actionable dashboards
Care Command Center Dashboards- On demand information system
CardioPulse Quality and Physician Reporting- A paperless reporting solution
Intelligent Business Solutions Referral Portal- web-based portal for referring physicians
Intelligent Business Solutions Patient Portal- web-based portal to engage patients