Intelligent Business Solutions - Eliminate Operational Uncertainty


Solutions to help in real-time

A performance improvement solution to maximize productivity

IBS uses extensive clinical expertise to identify and implement significant operational efficiencies with a Real-Time process.  We stand apart because our end-to-end process is a real time productivity solution designed specifically for our partners.


Maximize Efficiency: IBS collaboratively aligns with your medical facilities objectives using a provent methodology to provide rapid change towards optimal performance.  We partner with our clients to help you become as productive and efficient as possible translating into a measurable and sustainable reality that is built for effective long lasting change.


Through improving efficiencies, we can achieve operational excellence!


Transform:  Lack of predictive decisions based on real time data is the #1 and #2 drivers impeding clinical teams performance.  Operational transformation means adapting an environment to a be efficient,
nimble, flexible and most importantly, more responsive to
the patients and community that it serves.

Our focus is on creating an environment for sustainable growth.

The Intelligent Business Solution Productivity Suite

Care Command Center Flow Technology- Patient and resource tracker boards and communications technology package, transport and EVS mobile apps and actionable dashboards

Care Command Center Dashboards- On demand information system

CardioPulse Quality and Physician Reporting- A paperless reporting solution

Intelligent Business Solutions Referral Portal- web-based portal for referring physicians

Intelligent Business Solutions Patient Portal- web-based portal to engage patients

Care Command Center:

-Real time communications to all parties at each patient touch point
-Operational Improvement Metrics
-Communication protocols via mobile devices, smart phones, visual display boards, alerts and intuitive dashboards
-Data is processed in real time and delivered via smart dashboards, intuitive filters and a new technology that we developed called “analyigits” which allows each client within a system to view a window of data unique to their personal needs and requirements.
-Room utilization reports help to improve efficiency
-Volume trends aid in the proper allocation of human resources and in most case result in the elimination of overtime hours in the department where deployed


-All-in-one cloud-based heart center registry management solution, structured reporting tool, and outcomes reporting system
-Designed to seamlessly integrate into the fabric of hospital and health system infrastructure
-Utilizes mobile technology, speech recognition, electronic messaging, and touch screen capabilities to increase efficiency and improve patient care
-Submission to STS Adult Cardiac, Thoracic Surgery, or Congenital Heart Database
-Submission to ACC ACTION, ICD, or CathPCI
-Ideal environment for end users to collect and submit their data