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Bed Management

Room Management

CCC Room Management will improve and optimize patient flow by dramatically reducing time lags in
the bed turnover process. This will significantly reduce the time TJ’s beds sit empty and reduce the
chances of a patient unnecessarily waiting for a bed. eWB Room Management will use existing
telephone networks to reach environmental services employees, who then will access all necessary
information through their own eWB views. Using a browser or handheld device, supervisors will follow
progress in real-time and quickly react to emerging situations. eWB reporting features will show
employee performance and volume trends to ensure proper staffing levels, room utilization and more.

From the moment a patient is near discharged and a bed cleaning request is triggered, bed status—dirty, in progress, or clean— will be immediately updated and visible in eWB. With color-coded displays, automatic timers, and alerts TJ will be able to make swift decisions about:

  • Placement
  • See current census
  • Pending discharges
  • New admissions
  • Dirty beds
  • Future bed availability