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Cath Lab Efficiency

Maximize Lab Productivity

IBS uses extensive clinical expertise to identify and implement significant healthcare efficiencies, embedding and sustaining effective change with active staff buy-in. With our Care Command Center operations management and remote monitoring solutions, IBS will help your lab achieve peak performance.

“IBS with its clinical expertise and operational management tools has been a critical element in improving our cath lab efficiency (and that’s something every hospital is trying to do)” 

– Bob Hosler, MBA, RDN, SLD, Heart & Vascular Center, Roper Saint Francis Healthcare

Six Steps to a Highly Productive Lab

1.   Analysis. Find clarity through process evaluation

2.   Process Improvement. Achieve a new operational reality

3.   Tools. Manage productivity with care team coordination

4.   Rapid Change. Quick wins from day one

5.   Monitoring. Real-time monitoring with specialized reporting

6.   Sustainability. Continual support of operational improvements

Bottom Line

IBS collaboratively aligns with your lab and hospital’s objectives to help you become as productive and efficient as possible translating into a measurable and sustainable reality that is built for effective long lasting change.


Lack of predictive decisions based on real time data is the #1 and #2 drivers impeding Cath Lab performance.

Operational transformation means adapting a Cath lab environment to be efficient, nimble, flexible and, most importantly, more responsive to the patients and community that it serves.

Portrait of friendly doctor looking at camera on background of his colleagues interacting

Benefits of a High Performing Lab

  • A state of efficiency promotes teamwork and collaboration across your care continuum
  • Teamwork and efficiency are key drivers of improved patient outcomes
  • Accountability improves quality and minimizes errors
  • Open communication resolves concerns and issues in real time
  • Sustainability that is nurtured by actionable data creates an environment of learning and growth
  • Eliminating operational uncertainty allows your team to focus on patient outcomes

“Through improving lab efficiencies, we can achieve operational excellence – a goal we all share”

– SLD, Heart & Vascular Center, Hahnemann University Hospital