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Heavy Trucking

Care Command Center for Heavy Truck (CCC-HT) is a groundbreaking solution for heavy truck service management. Employing an intuitive, user friendly design, users find CCC-HT easy to use and simple to navigate. CCC-HT enables companies to manage the service experience from start to finish, collecting critical data throughout the service visit. With wide-ranging shop loading and workflow management capabilities, CCC-HT users identify inefficiencies in real time and adjust accordingly. Our rules-based workflow automation enables shop managers and service advisors to automate key steps in the process, eliminating delays and improving quality. Leveraging IBS’ Janus integration engine, CCC-HT interacts seamlessly with legacy systems allowing users to stay in a single system throughout the service process and simplifying service management. CCC-HT’s analytics and reporting platform provides a wealth of real-time data giving users the ability to manage shop performance using fact-based data.

The CCC-HT solution provides the information and capabilities needed to raise your performance levels above the competition.

CCC-HT drives the following performance improvements

  • Improved shop loading
  • Reduced time to repair
  • Increased vehicle uptime
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Streamlined maintenance and repair processes
  • Intelligent resource assignment and utilization
  • Proactive, real-time communication for OEMs, Dealerships, Shop personnel, Drivers and Customers

CCC-HT uses predictive analytics and rules-based technologies to proactively manage workflow, initiate communication with team members and customers and intelligently allocate resources. CCC-HT constantly strives to achieve optimal performance measures at every level. It is our mission to strategically position our clients to sustain a measurable performance edge over their competitors.

Solution Components

CCC-HT is a web-based performance platform allowing the entire Heavy Trucking community to work collaboratively for optimal results.

CCC-HT Service Providers

– Predictive Analytics –

– Workflow Automation –

– Seamless DMS Interface –

– Remote Diagnostic Interface –

– Intelligent Resource Management –

– Real-Time Communication Platform –

– Decision Support Analytics Dashboard –


– Simulation Reports –

– Workflow Modeling –

– Artificial Intelligence –

– Predictive Analytics –

– Detailed Asset Management –

– Decision Support Dashboards –

– Detailed Performance Measurement –