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The CCC-Heavy Truck solution presents a simple design that appeals to every human touchpoint. Behind the scenes CCC-HT is amassing data, modeling, simulating and constantly steering the entire user base towards optimal performance.

It is proven that mathematical modeling decisions are superior to intuitive decisions and the superiority increases as the complexity of the decision-making increases. The CCC-HT solution provides the decision support needed to significantly raise performance levels above your competition.

CCC-HT Focuses on the mathematical modeling of the following performance measures

  • Shop Loading
  • Work in process
  • Ability to meet job repair uptimes
  • Resource Allocation
  • Proactive real-time communication and decision support for Manufactures, Dealerships, Shop personnel and Drivers

CCC-HT uses modeling analytics and rules-based technology to proactively manage workflow, initiate communication with team members and intelligently allocates resources.  CCC-HT constantly strives to achieve optimal performance measures at every level, it is our mission to strategically position our clients to sustain a significant performance edge over their competitors.

Solution Components

CCC-HT is a web-based performance platform allowing the entire Heavy Trucking community to work collaboratively for optimal results.

CCC-HT Service Providers

– Asset Tracking –

– Resource Allocation –

– Intelligent Scheduling –

– Dealer Management System Interface –

– Remote Diagnostic Interface –

– Communication Platform –

– Decision Support Analytics Dashboard –


– Detailed Asset Reports –

– Decision Support Dashboards –

– Simulation Reports –

– Machine Learning –

– Workflow Modeling –

– Artificial Intelligence –