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Operational Workflow Optimization

Operational Flow

IBS’s solution provides automated notifications and tracking to deliver end-to-end visibility and significantly improve care coordination, allowing staff to see their work queues and anticipate patient arrivals and tasks. This automation reduces staff and facility idle time and enables the patient to move smoothly through care processes.

Visually, patient status and location change as the patient moves through the care pathway and associated procedures. Color coded (to a provider’s specification) CCC updates permit visual tracking by the different departments and facilitates real time assessment and analysis of patient progress (including identification and resolution of bottlenecks, loops and slow-flow). Upon discharge request, CCC automatically notifies clinicians and the healthcare team. As the patient completes the discharge process, alerts are sent prompting preparation of the bed for subsequent patients and reducing turnaround time.

Core Solution

The CCC solution is, at its core, a real time patient flow tool and any data stream related to patient flow should be integrated as near real time as possible. In situations where real-time data is not available for certain patient flow processes or steps then CCC’s simple user experience can be used to collect , master and distribute status and flow information.

IBS JANUS Interface Engine

JANUS does not have a mandatory, required data stream or message format. It is very flexible and can adapt to SRFT’s requirements. JANUS’ preferred connectivity and data stream format is either peer to peer with standard HL7 messaging or an API. However, JANUS also supports stream formats such as flat files and FTP transfers and import/export of many formats.

Caregiver viewing CCC

Data Quality Assurance

As with all similar solutions, results can only be as good as the data used to drive the activities and processes. Included in the IBS delivery approach are tasks to work with client systems to review interface messages to ensure all required data elements identified in the CCC solution design are available in the systems and interfaces flowing across the integration to CCC. Manual data entry and use of CCC functionality is common in other implementations, and augments the interface data to ensure that all status settings, alerts, activity triggers and analytical data will be available.

Assurances for Validity of outputs from CCC

Data collected in real time, is used to support immediate decision support and is rolled up for analytical processing. IBS will undertake a number of data validation activities at critical points in the patient flow, interface messaging, and analytics and reporting processes to ensure data being used in the end-to-end CCC platform accurately reflects the reality of the actual patient flows.

Other Applications

The above has detailed the IBS Operational Flow software suite in the health care space however this tool can be applied to any space that requires optimization or resource flow across a diverse and complex system.