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Care Command Center for Interventional Radiology

Designed in 2011 for Interventional Radiology, Care Command Center’s first order of business was to replace a hospital’s interventional radiology lab white board or index card system. Additional goals were to help organize clinical staff, improve communication and promote peak room utilization. Because CCC IR so closely mimicked the traditional white board system, acceptance was quick usually within a 2 week period, the following areas were engaged and using the solution.


Effective workflow starts and stops with the scheduling process. CCC Scheduling Benefits:

  • All Procedural Scheduling is handled through CCC with minimum keystrokes
  • Overlap of Procedures is minimized
  • Scheduling process is streamlined with the elimination of paper cards and phone calls
  • The schedule and scheduling changes are immediately available to all staff
  • Add on cases and staffing are easier to assess
  • Enables rapid understanding of workload for specialty services and room constraints
  • Allows for identification of cases requiring unique inventory prior to patients arrival
  • Facilitates completion of paperwork after procedure is complete


The nursing staff is a cornerstone for patient care through the entire operation of the angiography suites.  Key benefits for nursing include:

  • Improved communication between the pre-procedure intake area and the procedure suites
  • Visual status queue’s notify staff of delays allowing for a ready patient to be moved to a room
  • Pre-procedure assessment is communicated to the procedure suite so that the room can be prepared accordingly
  • Reduction of phone calls between the intake area and procedure suite
  • Reduced phone calls allows for increased patient care time
  • Since status changes are in real time the staff keeps family members better informed
  • Nurses view the day’s workload at a glance allowing for better staffing and assignment changes


CCC IR provides the ability for proactive monitoring of the daily schedule from any monitor within the IR department greatly increasing the efficiency of the technologists.

  • Color coded statuses allow for rapid assessment of every patient in assigned areas
  • Knowing when a patient is consented and “ready” and the procedure to be performed allows technologists to proactively prepare trays and paperwork
  • Special instructions for patients are clearly displayed
  • Technologists can perform the role of air traffic control for the IR lab using a large monitor to efficiently navigate patients, staff and procedure rooms


By providing accurate real time data, physicians and nurse practitioners efficiently handle their daily workload. They know their services are needed in the procedure room, which helps them better organize their time outside the procedure room.

CCC serves as a vital part of the quality improvement initiative within IR as well as providing detailed productivity reports for the administrative staff.