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Care Command Center (CCC) is being used in a variety of ways within the trucking industry. From demand management, coordination of orders, trucks, drivers, location and job requirements to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance and service processes, Care Command Center is enhancing operational processes and practices across the industry.




Deploying Care Command Center (CCC) in Trucking, creates a culture of higher performance through employee engagement.


What is CCC:

Care Command Center is a highly configurable web based application designed to improve operational efficiency through:

  • System Integration: Integrates with existing customer systems allowing step by step approach to implementation & user adoption.
  • Analytics: Provides a rich portfolio of real-time analytics allowing users to see operational issues as they occur and adjust in the moment.
  • Workflow Automation: Automates steps in process flows to improve efficiency, improve quality and reduce work effort.

Operational Benefits:

  • Increased visibility of work scheduled, work in progress, & resource utilization.
  • Reduce delays in operational processes
  • Improve communications
  • Identify issues & adjust in real time with extensive analytics


Improved Work Visibility:

  • Desktops, laptops & mobile devices are used to view work scheduled, in progress, and waiting.
  • Current status & action needed is color coded with visual and audible accents to enhance recognition.

Improving Communication:

  • Alert Types: Paging, Blinking bars, Audible alarms, Pop-up messages
  • Visual Check Lists
  • Proactive notifications to events
  • CCC (Instant) Messenger

Care Command Center Value

Data consistently shows improving communication & collaboration increases employee engagement & improves productivity – Deloitte; Gallup; EmployeeConnect; SPARK; Cox BLUE and others

  • Enables system consolidation through integration with existing customer systems.
  • Enhances communication & collaboration improving process flows & increasing employee engagement.
  • Delivers intuitive features & functionality speeding workplace adoption & reducing product interactions (clicks)

How Do I Configure Care Command Center for my business?

Every facility has its own unique set of workflows, bottlenecks, challenges and goals. Care Command Center is intelligently designed to address the needs of different environments ultimately mobilizing every resource in a systematic and organized manner and the results are game changing!

Configuring Care Command Center your way starts with an expert workflow assessment from your CCC team. Their job is to establish the current state of affairs by reviewing the following:


  • Communication protocols (real-time versus delayed and method of information delivery)
  • Visibility – strengths and weaknesses
  • Where do bottlenecks typically occur and when?
  • Are wait times consistent through the day?
  • Resource allocation and effectiveness
  • Explore best use case to leverage the CCC with other in-house applications.

Once the initial workflow is evaluated, the strategy is developed to uniquely solve operational inefficient and empower teams.


What would a typical Care Command Configuration look like?


How soon can I expect operational gains?

Improved visibility creates immediate value for all teams involved in the work processes. This includes hands on team members as well as leadership.

Operational efficiency for throughput is typically evident in the first 60 days after go-live.

Improved employee and customer satisfaction 3 to 6 months.


Interfaces vary based on integration requirements for each business.

Core Areas for CCC Touch Points:

Service Advisors