The CardioPulse implementation team has been busy in 2022 welcoming new clients to the CardioPulse ACC and STS quality reporting Family!

Just a few quotes from our newest customers:

“We are really happy with the CardioPulse software, I’m certain our ACC and STS abstraction process is 25% faster”

“The CardioPulse reporting tool is easy to use. The extensive report library, dashboards and current data have saved our team hours when compiling new reports.”

“CardioPulse hands down has the best support team. They are super responsive and knowledgeable!”

“CardioPulse is so much easier to use. The flexibility to turn off unused fields and to jump around in the audit is a much-improved functionality”

“Love not having to “unclick” SO MANY fields. With my prior vendor I was forced to unclick multiple fields. In CardioPulse the flow is much better with no duplication of work”

Quick Implementations

While every customer is different, and every migration unique, we recently migrated a customer from their previous vendor in under two weeks. The two week project allowed the new customer to come up on CardioPulse before their contract expired with their previous vendor instead of being forced to renew a contract they did not wish to extend.

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