Care Command Center breaks the mold by allowing you to build Command Centers the way you need them. These Command Centers can be any size, performing specifically the tasks that you need then to. And you can build as many as you want and need and you can adapt them as needs require.

This is not a one size fits all world. Luckily, the Care Command Center is designed to accommodate all levels of need. Your path may begin by improving the performance of a single resource manager who works in a chaotic procedural environment where the improvement metrics include optimal resource allocation and lowering patient wait times. Or you process improvement plan could require a Command Center to manage resources across multiple departments, floors or buildings with a wall of metrics to coordinate activities, improve first start case times and initiate real time communication protocols. Ultimately the Care Command Center could activate a (war room) manned by efficiency experts to manage optimal performance and productivity processes across your entire ecosystem. It is here where you will reach the pinnacle of success looping back to your production control solution. It is the perfect place to ask yourself one question. How can we be better?

CCC is federated, fits everywhere, but most importantly it is scalable. CCC can provide in depth command and control for a single resource or can distribute a comprehensive productivity platform for your entire organization. CCC’s production data integrates with other systems such as EHRs, financial and ancillary systems creating an incredibly powerful command center environment.

Contact us today to learn more of how CCC customers are using command centers to outperform some of the most lean and productive organizations in the world.

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