Sit down with any busy healthcare departmental manager and ask them how they manage their human resources during a day. With today’s modern technology you will be surprised to discover that their answer typically consists of a lot of analog tools – grease boards, logbooks, pens, paper, a great deal of walking about, a ton of phone calls and a bit of luck.

The Care Command Center (CCC) Resource Management tool adds a bit of technology magic to the process by providing a highly intelligent and interactive dashboard to manage room and team assignments, lunch rotations, patient assignments, resource task management and the automated communications of each. Resource optimization graphs and performance goals are tracked in real-time.

Daily, weekly, and monthly resource reports are immediately available for performance reviews, understanding peak hours, staff reassignments and overtime usage and much more. The real power comes from this same data being available to the AI and Analytics engines and the Command Centers.

When combined with the power of the CCC Production Control and Communication modules, the power to automate and communicate is endless.

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